One of the most trusted names in the hair replacement and professional extensions industry, Hair Development, are promoting their endorsement by the Trichological Society.  The company boasts three of its top directors as members of this prestigious association, including Founder and CEO Stanley Levy and Creative Director Janis Levy.  

Hair Development have been at the leading edge of professional extension systems and hair replacement methods for men and women for over 40 years.  Being proudly recommended by The Trichological Society gives Hair Development a high-status position within the industry and ensures good practice and high standards to all customers. 

For those less educated in hair science, trichology is the medical and cosmetic study of the hair and scalp, where research often stems to hair loss conditions and seeks to find solutions to the common problem.  With three members of the worldwide Trichological Society working in the management team of Hair Development, they have an advantageous position within the industry to use the latest medical developments in their premier Hair Replacement Systems.   

Managing Director of Hair Development, Mark Burns, says “We are wholly committed to providing the best hair extensions and non-surgical hair replacement solutions in the UK.  Our dedication to our customers is proven by our endorsement by the Trichological Society, which makes the customer’s interest its top priority.  Hair loss is more common than people are aware, and it is still an area of embarrassment for many aging men and women and people with medical conditions.  The high standards and safety practice of Hair Development’s advanced hair loss remedies are unrivalled by others in the industry, and give real results.”

The vast selection of hair replacement solutions also gives customers a wealth of choice.  “From laser hair re-growth therapy to graft hair replacements, we offer the perfect solution for everybody and can custom-make products to individuals’ needs,” added Mark.  “We specialise in helping people with alopecia or undergoing chemotherapy treatments who need an undetectable hair loss remedy from a trusted source.” 

One such example is the Skinvisible versatile hair replacement option.  This system moulds to the head shape without wrinkling or creating noticeable bumps on the scalp.  The super fine lace front ensures that no one but the wearer will know the 100% Indian Remy hair does not belong to the scalp it appears to be growing from.  Available in 65 different colours, there is guaranteed to be a suitable shade for everyone.