Highly acclaimed within the hair replacement and professional extensions industry, Hair Development is encouraging men who long to re-create A-list manly manes or manage problematic conditions such as male pattern baldness and hair loss to consider extensions. The industry pioneers provide a plethora of innovative hair replacement solutions with a specially formulated men’s section of options.

With recent consumer research identifying an exciting new trend, it has been revealed that UK hair salons have experienced a flourish of male interest with a 200% increase in male extension appointments. With a myriad of bankable Hollywood stars including Ben Affleck, John Travolta, Steve Carell, Jude Law and Charlie Sheen also investing in male hair extensions and re-growth systems, luscious locks are now not only for the ladies.

Based out of London, with industry expertise spanning 50 years, the company’s hair replacement methods are now geared towards the gents and include Miracle Graft Hair Replacements where undetectable, 100% natural human hairs are inserted to mirror the client’s natural colouring and hair texture. Available in 65 colours, the graft utilises 100% Indian Remy Hair available from stock or custom made to order. Favoured by movie stars and celebrities, the Crystal Lace Micro Graft Hair Replacement System cultivates a staggered hairline, and is a versatile and durable option ideal for stylish, bang on trend looks. 

Managing Director of Hair Development, Mark Burns, says “Many men suffer in silence when it comes to hair loss. Male pattern baldness, medical conditions, stress and aging can have a hugely negative impact on hair. When men lose their hair, they often feel they are losing their youth and confidence. Men are beginning to realise that opting for hair extensions is not a feminine endeavour but an affordable and fantastic way to return to a sense of self-assurance and boost self-esteem. With a vast array of Hollywood stars getting in on the action, they can rest assured that they are in good company because everyone from huge actors, musicians and comedians are joining the extensions elite club.”

Men searching for tresses teaming with life can also opt for one of Hair Development’s other options including the Continuous Hair Graft, Celebrity Lace, renowned as the world’s most versatile hair styling system and a plethora of handmade, bespoke solutions for men with more unique specifications. Skinvisible, a versatile hair replacement solution is an ideal option for men suffering from alopecia to retain their crowning glory.

Mark adds, “Our service is tailor made to each client’s individual needs and requirements. All men should be aware that even if they are indecisive about the concept of male hair extensions, the initial consultation is discreet and completely free so they have nothing to lose by enquiring and talking through available options with us.”