Move over blonde bombshells and brunette beauties. Auburn is on the rise and has been spotted on the tresses of celebrities and public figures across the globe! The beautiful reddish-brown shade is a great way to achieve a warm, summery look and highlight all your best features. Auburn is also wonderfully versatile and can be adjusted to suit an array of different skin tones.

Kate Bosworth is one of the latest celebrities to dye her trademark blonde tresses a luscious shade of auburn. She has been spotted flaunting the new colour on the streets of Manhattan in preparation for her new film, Still Alice. Kate’s new shade consists of warm caramel tones that look incredible with her fair skin, blue eyes and naturally light pink lips.

Amy Adam’s is another celebrity who is embracing the auburn trend. Amy’s gorgeous warm skin tone and striking blue eyes are perfectly offset by her vivacious yet beautifully natural take on the colour. Amy is a natural blonde but loves her red hued colour so much that is has become her trademark look.   

Madmen’s Christina Hendricks is renowned for her fiery locks, the actress taking auburn to the extreme with her vibrant, eye catching tone. Christina’s flawless creamy skin tone and piercing blue eyes are the perfect complement to the statement colour and can be further enhanced by teaming them with striking clothing colours such as dark greens and deep reds. The colour plays an important role in constructing the wild, sexy and smouldering character of Joan Holloway and is loved by the actress both on and off screen. 

Auburn hues have also made an appearance in the campaigns of several prestigious fashion brands. Models flaunting light cherry coloured tresses were seen at the London Mulberry photo-shoot while the new Opium perfume by YSL features red hued chestnut haired belle, Karen Elson. 

Auburn locks can be stunning and choosing the right shade for your skin tone can completely overhaul your look. The tones of red and brown warm up the skin tone and have the power to enhance all your best features. If you’re not lucky enough to part of the 2% of the population who are born natural redheads but love the idea of the luscious auburn locks, Hair Development can help you on your way. With a specially designed colour chart to help you choose the right shade of auburn as well as a dedicated team of hair care experts on call, finding the perfect shade of auburn has never been easier!