Hollywood’s male elite have been sporting long, flowing locks for a while now, starting new trends and sending women everywhere into a frenzy. Yet most men have been afraid to try out longer lengths themselves as it’s perceived it be hard to maintain. Experts from Hair Development are urging men to be brave and embrace the long hair trend, as it is actually one of the easiest styles a man can maintain.

Janis Levy, Creative Director of Hair Development said, “With very attractive stars such as Brad Pitt, Chris Hemsworth and Jared Leto rocking longer styles on the red carpet, they are proving that luscious long locks aren’t just for women. Whether it is left flowing or neatly tied back, more and more women are finding men with long hair attractive. 

David Beckham started the long hair trend back in the 90s, but it seems to have catapulted recently and women are going weak at the knees for lengthy styles. The trend goes hand in hand with the recent penchant for facial hair; beards of all shapes and sizes are in fashion along with the rugged stubble look, which perfectly complements longer hair styles.

So how can ordinary guys start sporting long hair? They could wait for it to grow out – but they may be waiting years and the trend could be dead by then. Some men may also struggle with the texture of the hair or it might be too fine to provide any impact at all. That’s where male hair extensions come in use, and you’d be wrong to presume that every man with long hair is au naturel. Last year salons seen a 200% increase in men requesting hair extensions, which was put down to the Harry Styles effect.

The M-Fold Connections hair extensions are ideal for male hair, as they lie parallel and flat to replicate the natural growth of the hair. They take just one hour to apply without any tools, heat or damage done to the hair, which is why men and women alike choose the M-Fold Connections application system.

Janis added, “Long hair is here to stay – so we’re calling upon men to embrace your primal instincts. Short hair is actually not that easier to maintain, as it needs styling every day. With long locks, just tie it back into a man bun or ponytail and you’re ready to go.”