Over the past couple of weeks the Duchess of Cambridge has made a statement by sporting a royal up-do at a string of public events. Usually renowned for her long, brunette, bouncy curls, Kate Middleton has shown her hair’s versatility by wearing a chignon style and another twisted bun to the side of her head for a different event. Those women wanting to recreate the royal trendsetter can add thickness and length with professional and subtle extensions from Hair Development.

Recently the pregnant royal beauty attended the special commemoration service at St Paul’s Cathedral to honour the military personnel who fought in the Afghanistan war. Wearing a navy coat and a matching fascinator hat, the Duchess wore her hair elegantly pinned back into a side bun on the side of head with a twist on each side.

Creative Director of Hair Development, Janis Levy, said “Kate Middleton is a mainstay hair icon, with women across Britain and all over the world desperately trying to get her lustrous bouncy locks. She very rarely wears it all up, but when she does go for an up-do she looks stunning. She’s blessed with a thick, healthy head of hair which means most of us need a little help when we try to re-create her styles.”

Under a week later Kate Midd stepped out again in another classy up-do under a sophisticated small hat. Attending the annual St Patrick’s Day parade as one of her last appearances before her maternity leave, the Duchess of Cambridge swept her glossy locks into a curled chignon. The style looks complicated but the experts at Hair Development insist it is possible to achieve at home – with enough hair and clips.

Janis said, “The gorgeous twisty ‘do can be done at home, as it all starts from a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Then it needs separating into two sections and twisting in opposite directions. From here you need to make loops and pin each one, working up the head. If you find it difficult on your own hair try on somebody else’s first.”

Hair Development is at the cutting edge of professional hair extensions, helping everyday women wear celebrity hairstyles and feel confident about their image.