1. Can You Prevent Chemotherapy Hair Loss?

    Hair loss from chemotherapy is a common side-effect of the process. But because it is a very visual part of the process, it is also often said to be one of the most distressing ones.

    So why does it happen? And is there any way to prevent it?

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  2. Hair Styles to Rock with a Hat

    Hats are so in right now - make sure your hair is looking lovely under them!

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  3. How to Reduce Damage to Your Locks

    Constant heat and styling can wreak havoc on your locks. Here are some top tips from the HD experts for reducing hair damage.

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  4. Ways to Encourage Natural Hair Growth

    Natural hair growth, like all hair growth, is affected by nutrition, hydration, and overall physical health. But there are some ways to encourage growth of natural hair specifically:

    • Combining shea butter, which has many beneficial effects for natural hair that I have written about in another post in more
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  5. Extensions Night Routine

    The festive season often brings lots of holiday parties, so the temptation to just go to bed as soon as you get back without doing your night routine properly. Here are our tips for incorporating hair care for your extensions into your night routine that are easy to do even after a big night out.

    • Loosely
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  6. Tape In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

    100% Human Hair Extensions have become essential necessity, crowning the most glorious heads of hair worldwide and the perfect, easy way to achieve any desired style.

    Hair Development has a vast range of more than 60 colours from platinum blondes, through shades of honey and chestnut to deepest inky black, some

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  7. The Salon Guide to Growing Out Bangs

    Are you tired of a high maintenance fringe? Does the thought of styling a sweaty fringe in the summer make you want to cry? Well now is the time to try and grow it out! 

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  8. 10 Promotion Worthy Hairstyles

    Find out which hairstyles get a big thumbs up for the office - more expert advice from the team at HD.

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  9. How to Work Post-Workout Locks

    The dilemma of how to keep locks looking good throughout and post-workout is one that’s been faced by females for decades. To help you keep your locks looking luscious even after the sweatiest of sessions we’ve put together a list of tried and tested styles!

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  10. The Pro’s Guide to Cleaning Hair Tools

    A good tool kit is a girl’s best friend - here’s what you should have in yours!

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