Hair Development's accessories
Many of our systems come with a range of accessories that we supply to look after your extensions, maintain them in peak condition and extend their life.
  • Colour rings – See the range of human hair colours to match and choose the look you or your clients desire
  • Locktite Clips – these mini-clips can be sewn to wefts to create instant clip in wefts
  • Drawing mats – used for holding the hair in place
  • Extend USA – Hot Melt resin – these custom formulated bonding cartridges are used with Hair Development’s Professional Applicator and are ideal for all bulk hair. 10 cartridges per pack
  • European Hot Melt Extensions Resin – the world’s finest extensions resin bond, this extra long bond is quicker and longer lasting for total extensions perfection. 10 cartridges per pack
  • Liquid Gold Bond Adhesive – This is our cold-bonding adhesive for weft hair
  • Dissolver - Removes Liquid Gold bond adhesive
  • Amber Adhesive and Tape remover – a specially formulated solvent that gently and effectively removes adhesives and tape from hair
  • Protective Shields – These protective discs prevent bonding solution from coming in to contact with the scalp
  • Silicone Pads – These pads enable the bond to be shaped and rolled when it is pliable during application processes whilst protecting the hands
  • Bond Remover – A specially formulated solution with sponge applicator to remove bonds from hair without damaging the hair
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